Friday, August 28, 2009

Strictly For The Caddy Lovers

After releasing The Miseducation earlier this year, Freddie Gibbs is back with the highly anticipated MidwestGangstaBoxFrameCadillacMuzik.  The mixtape is full of album-quality material that's sure to earn Gibbs a spot among some of the best newish acts (dude was signed to Interscope for a while).  Gibbs has an immaculate flow that switches in and out of a double-time pace with ease.  On songs like "County Bounce," the Gary, Indiana native channels a little Pimp C and delves into falsetto singing on the hook.  The standout track is a joint with Pill of "Trap Goin' Ham" fame called "Womb 2 the Tomb."  Each MC seems determined not to be outdone by the other which, when you're dealing with rappers of this caliber, is an engaging listen.

Download Tha Gotdamn Thang!

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