Thursday, October 29, 2009

Week 8 Update

Week 7 was a hard one.  I only went 8-5 with some game results that I found pretty surprising, including a Steelers win over the vikings that I was very happy about.  San Francisco is faltering after a great start, but we'll see if this quarterback switch can get them back on their feet.  There's also been word that Vince Young will be replacing Kerry Collins at QB in Tennessee.  These are some interesting mid-season changes, but nothing entirely unexpected.  What is a little more intriguing is that the Houston Texans should win their third straight against Buffalo this weekend.

Denver @ Baltimore:  The Ravens have gotten really close to beating a couple of undefeated teams, so it won't surprise me if they take the win here at home.  The Denver defense should present a real problem for the passing game, however, so I don't expect a lot of scoring from the Ravens unless they get Ray Rice going early.

Houston @ Buffalo:  The Bills keep accidentally winning, but Houston has been on a roll, defeating a good team last week.  Look for the Houston offense to have a field day here.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia:  The Giants have suffered two straight losses, which is odd for a team that came out of the gate so strong.  On the other hand the Eagles were embarrassed by the Raiders.  Basically, each has the capacity to fall apart at inopportune times.  In this divisional matchup I predict both teams to play very well, but the whole city of Philadelphia is going to be riled up as this game mirrors the world series precisely.

San Francisco @ Indianapolis:  The Colts are able to win again, but it's hard to predict how well the 49ers are able to match them, with a new quarterback leading the offense.

Cleveland @ Chicago:  The Bears have been stumbling, but the Browns are one of the worst teams in the NFL right now.  Look for Chicago to try to regain some confidence with this game.

Seattle @ Dallas:  Dallas is looking good with Miles Austin coming out as the new offensive weapon for Tony Romo.  Seattle is inconsistent and their passing defense is very porous.

St. Louis @ Detroit:  The Lions team is suffering from a number of injuries, but at least they know how to score.

Oakland @ San Diego:  I'd really like to see LT get loose in this game.  The Raiders have a terrible defense and he should be able to exploit it if given the chance.  In any case, the Chargers don't have much to worry about in this game.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee:  The Jaguars have been inconsistent, and I have a feeling Vince Young is going to feel pressured to perform very well against them.  If he can consistently hook up with Nate Washington or Kenny Britt, it should free the running game up a little for Chris Johnson.

Minnesota @ Green Bay:  The Packers almost had the game in their first matchup on Monday night, and they're not looking to let another one slip away, especially at home.  They have been improving consistently to become a very good and well-rounded team.  The Green Bay defense doesn't let Favre have his way this time.

Carolina @ Arizona:  Last week I was the one to underestimate the Cardinals.  They should perform really well in this game.  Jake Delhomme will throw a couple of interceptions, but the Panther running game should have more success.

Atlanta @ New Orleans:  That was a close one for New Orleans, but they managed to rally, which is the mark of a good team.  On the other hand, Atlanta hasn't played as well as many were expecting.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Dash

DJ Skee just dropped this gem off via his Youtube channel.  I don't know if it's a preview for something bigger or simply an artistic piece, but it is incredibly captivating.  As a matter of fact, I think I've watched the 50 second clip about five times now.  If you've been following me, you already know Freddie Gibbs is one of my favorite new artists and his narration, role, and writing(?) in this are superb.  But what really makes the video is the exceptional filmography.  Whoever directed and shot this couldn't have had a big budget but I'll be damned if they didn't make up for it with technique.

Thug Passion

 Lil Boosie continues his long line of great mixtapes with the new Thug Passion.  As Lil Boosie heads off to serve a year-long prison sentence on weapons and drug charges, he's promised his fans a slew of new material, from mixtapes to videos, that he plans on dropping routinely while behind bars.  This is apparently the first offering and it's a good one, showing why Boosie made a name for himself on the mixtape circuit.  There are a few "soft" tracks but most of it is straight southern gangsta music, of which the final track is the real standout.  The only problem I have with this mixtape is the inordinate amount of DJ drops, and for some reason Boosie got two goddamn DJs to present the tape, essentially doubling the interruptions.  If a no-DJ version leaks I'll make sure to post it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trap Tuesday

Welcome to the first consciously weekly column known as Trap Tuesday.  It'll be a look at a few songs representative of the best trap music to be released during the week.  Funny enough, not much was released this week that was of interest to me, so I'll be going back to some overlooked stuff from a couple weeks ago as well.

"Million Dollarz" by The RPZ is a song off their new mixtape that I still haven't found the time to listen to in full.  This track stood out to me, though, and if for some reason you're struggling to find a good song about money, this one is for you.  The slightly sped up sample is great by itself, but gets torn up (in a good way) once the 808 drums come in.

"Gangsta" is the last track on a new mixtape from St 2 Lettaz of G-Side.  Most of the mixtape was pretty underwhelming, but it finishes on a high note.  The whole vibe of the track is a little bugged out, but manages to stay menacing at the same time.  Something like Gucci meets Wu-Tang.  It sounds familiar, and the themes are nothing new, but when you get down to it I'm not sure you could find another song like it.

"Fix Ya Face" (No DJ) is the newest (but not exactly new) track from Yung Redd, featuring Lil Keke and Killa Kyleon.  Redd absolutely destroys his verse, leaving the others to clean up.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 7 Update

I'm a lot cooler with an 11-3 record in predicting last week's games,and I was one of the few who gave the win to the Cards.  I don't understand why people continue to underestimate them.  However, I think they lose this week, but only because they happen to be playing one of the best teams in the NFL currently.  How about the Eagles' loss to the Raiders?  I'm not sure anyone saw that coming, and it's still a little confusing to me.  Those are the kinds of breakdowns the Eagles are prone to from time to time, though.

Indianapolis @ St. Louis: I would not be surprised to see the Colts get back to the super bowl this year.  Almost everything is clicking for them, and even their running game is getting better.

New England Vs. Tampa Bay: The Bucs get embarrassed at Wembley Stadium.  Although is it embarrassing if everybody expects it?  I don't think this will be another blowout provided by the Patriots, but it probably won't be pretty.

Minnesota @ Pittsburgh:  This is a hard choice for me, partly because the Steelers are one of my teams.  But they haven't looked in top shape lately, even though some individuals have been playing exceptionally.  If their defense steps up in this game they might win it.

San Diego @ Kansas City:  San Diego is playing a little better, and this should be an easy win to help them regain some confidence.  Tomlinson also looked a lot better last week, and he should repeat his success this week.  In fact, he needs to for the offense to regain its power.

Green Bay @ Cleveland:  This is an easy win for a Green Bay team that continues to improve.

San Francisco @ Houston:  Houston played well last week, and we will see if they can continue to improve.  I have my doubts.  On the other hand, San Francisco is coming off a bye, and getting Frank Gore back into the lineup.

Buffalo @ Carolina:  The Panthers are getting their running game back and playing against a running defense that allowed over 200 yards to a single rusher last week.  Enough said.

New York Jets @ Oakland:  One of these days I'm going to stop picking the Jets.  I just can't see myself picking the Raiders over them, though.

Atlanta @ Dallas:  This is another hard one to pick, but I'm going to go with my 'Boys.  They're just coming off a bye and have a better all-around offensive attack so far this year.  This is really only because Michael Turner has been unable to fully get going.  They also probably don't want to lose another one at home.

New Orleans @ Miami:  The Saints really look like the real deal this year.

Chicago @ Cincinnati:  The Bears need to win this one, and luckily for them the Bengal defense is hurting.

Arizona @ New York Giants:  This could be a very good game but, barring last week, the Giants have shown themselves to be the superior team this year.

Philadelphia @ Washington:  The Eagles rebound from a shocking loss last week in this divisional matchup.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trap Tuesday

"Trap or Die II" is the newest Young Jeezy track to leak from his upcoming album.  The song is produced by usual Gucci producer, Zaytoven, which is notable given the "problems" Gucci Mane and Jeezy have had in the past.  Whatever the intent, the track is great and Jeezy's rasp definitely benefits from Zaytoven's twinkling synths.

"We Outside" by Pill Ft. Alley Boy is clearly designed to serve as a sequel to "Trap Goin' Ham," with a similar chorus, content, and production.  This is another good track from his upcoming 4075: The Refill, which was delayed from a release earlier this month.

Trap Tuesday has a nice ring to it.  I just might have to make this a weekly column.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm Good (Remix)

 The Clipse single "I'm Good" from their forthcoming Till The Casket Drops gets the remix treatment, including a featured verse from Rick Ross.  This single got mixed reviews from fans but I personally dig it, and the remix is good as well.  The album is done and has a new release date set for December 8th.


Three Gucci Mane tapes in one night.  Is this overkill?  Certainly, but it's the kind of overkill that I can appreciate.  I think Gucci's got a chip on his shoulder after "only" being ranked the 6th hottest rapper by MTV, and he's out to take the industry by storm.  I downloaded this Cold War series Saturday night and haven't found time to listen to all of the material yet, but what I have listened to is high quality.  I really applaud the idea, plus the titles and covers can't be beat.



Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm That Nigga

There's not much to say about Freddie Gibbs that hasn't already been said.  He's one of the most technically proficient rappers I've heard in years, able to switch styles with ease.  Of course, he's not bad with the lyrics either.  Gangsta Gibbs also seems to be in the studio constantly.  "I'm That Nigga" is a new track from his upcoming mixtape, The Labels Tryin To Kill Me!  The lyrics are traditional Gibbs, but the style is a little newer; a little less blunted.

Mind Of A Maniac

Lil Boosie has released yet another video from Superbad.  This time, Boosie steers away from the Ghetto scenes prominent in his last few and switches back and forth between the studio and a mental institution.  Boosie plays the role of maniac extremely well, and the video is one of the more captivating I've seen recently, simply from the pain expressed.  Lil Boosie begins his prison term soon, but claims he already has his next album finished, to be released immediately after he gets out of jail.  He has also said to expect a few videos for the album to come out as his term begins.

Week 6 Update

Last week I went 9-5, which again isn't too great, but from what I've seen everybody else called the games pretty poorly too.  There were certainly some surprises: Cinci over Baltimore, and Denver over the Pats for example.  Atlanta was on fire last weekend, and we'll see if they can carry that over to Chicago.  They should be able to, considering the Bears have a far inferior defensive unit.  Here are the match-ups:

Houston @ Cincinnati: The Bengals are a confusing unit, but they've won their last four, and against some good teams too.  Houston has not been playing like a good team, even though I still believe they are.  Their coach simply isn't using the weapons at his disposal.

Detroit @ Green Bay:  Detroit is no longer a terrible team, and they have in fact been scoring quite well.  However, Aaron Rodgers has no problem picking apart their defense.

St. Louis @ Jacksonville:  The Jags are another confusing team.  After a blowout in Seattle, they should be able to come back and take on the Rams.

Baltimore @ Minnesota:  After losing to the Bengals, the Ravens don't look so good.  The Vikings should be able to win, though I still don't believe they are as good as some people are saying.

New York Giants @ New Orleans:  This is the game to watch this week.  Two really good undefeated teams will meet in what should be a fantastic showdown.  It'll be a close one, and either outcome is reasonable.  I pick the Saints based on how well they have played on defense this year.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh:  The browns are still an embarrassment.  The Steelers really have no choice but to win this game by a large margin.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay:  The Bucs are still struggling while the Panthers are coming off of a good win.  Carolina still needs to find better use of their offense, though.

Kansas City @ Washington:  The Redskins are extremely inconsistent, while Kansas City has been getting better.

Philadelphia @ Oakland:  Oh, Oakland.

Arizona @ Seattle:  The Seahawks looked good last week, but I'm not convinced they can keep it up.  Despite the naysayers, I still think Arizona is a good team.

Tennessee @ New England:  The Titans have been unable to get anything going this year.  It's a little disappointing.  The Patriots aren't great, but they're still very good.

Buffalo @ New York Jets:  The Jets get back to winning against a team with poor offerings on both sides of the ball.

Chicago @ Atlanta:  The Falcons played beautifully last weekend.  The Bears don't have enough on defense to make me think they can't have a repeat performance.

Denver @ San Diego:  San Diego has just not been performing well.  I wouldn't be surprised to see them make a comeback in this game, but I have to go with a Denver team that has been playing very well this season.

She Luv It Remix

Tales of Pimp C's sexcapades are generally the only UGK songs there's a chance I'm not liking.  But as graphic as this one is, there is something about it that made me enjoy it over others.  The remix of "She Luv It" from this year's UGK 4 Life features Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon, with the same verses from the Pimp and the Bun.  Considering how many 16s Bun B drops on features, it would have been nice to hear a new verse from him.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shine Blockas

I saw a video several months back that showed Gucci in the studio with Big Boi working on a track for Sir Luscious Leftfoot.  I always wondered what came of that, seeing as there were no details beyond the short clip.  The answer is "Shine Blockas," an exquisite track from the upcoming album featuring a good Gucci verse, and a powerful backing provided by a Harold Melvin sample.  Big Boi claims the album is coming within the next two quarters, but it's hard to take seriously after so many delays.  However, it looks like he really is pushing for it now, with two leaks in the last two weeks.  Big Boi might be feeling out the reaction and looking for a single to catch on.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Better Believe It Remix

"Better Believe It," the lead single from Lil Boosie's Superbad is one of my favorite of the year.  Originally featuring Young Jeezy and Webbie, there's something about the way all three rappers attack the track that leaves a lasting impression.  It's one of those songs that makes you ready to take on the world.  Now Boosie has released a "G mix" featuring other big name southern acts: Bun B, Yo Gotti, Trae, and Foxx.  While I'm still partial to the original, this remix is a great offering from all involved and a worthy addition.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Burrrprint

Gucci Mane and DJ Drama have teamed up again for a heavy new mixtape.  It's no secret that I've got a lot of love for Gucci Mane, even though his last mixtape outing went a little too pop.  Here, Gucci looks to be back in form with certain names noticeably, and thankfully absent from the guest list.  Let's get back to the slang and bang, and fruity chains.


01. Intro
02. Dope Boys
03. Frowney Face
04. Watch Cost A Bently (Feat. Bun B & Rocko)
05. Think I Want Her
06. “Yelp” I Got All Of That
07. Trap Goin Crazy
08. Gucci Speaks 2
09. My Shadow
10. Gucci Speaks
11. Real As They Get (Feat. OJ Da Juiceman & Wacka Flocka Flame)
12. Excuse Me
13. More (Feat. Kandi & Sean Ceasar)
14. Gucci Speaks
15. Candy Lady
16. Candy Lady (Remix) (Feat. Brick Squad)
17. No No No
18. Foreign (Feat. Shawty Redd)
19. Flexin (Feat. Brick Squad)
20. My Chain (Feat. Brick Squad)
21. Esco - Foreign Whips (Bonus Track)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Play Me Some Pimpin' 2

Juicy J & Project Pat released a new mixtape hosted by DJ Drama.  The tracks are hit and miss, but it's worth Downloading..  "8 Pounds of Purple" also features a dope Gucci Mane verse.


1. Juicy J  Intro
2. Fish Aint Bitin
3. Get Yo Ass Robbed
4. 8 Pounds of Purple
5. Hood Sprung
6. Lil Freak
7. Twerk
8. Imma Get This Money
9. KFC
10. Burglar Bars
11. Cali Drugs
12. Juicy J Speaks
13. Get At Me
14. Hyde Park
15. Knock On My Doe
16. Lay Yo Ass Down
17. Morning PAper
18. North Memphis Like Me
19. Want Me Gone
20. We Got It Come Get It
21. Scales And Baking soda
22. Juicy J Outro

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week 5 Update

Last week I went 10-4 in predicting the outcome of the matches in week 4.  I think my heart expected Green Bay and Dallas to play better than they did, but getting almost 75% correct isn't bad.  Let's take a look at this week's matchups:

Cincinnati @ Baltimore:  The Bengals have been playing better than expected, but I still don't really trust them, especially after such a narrow win over the Browns.  On the other hand Joe Flacco has been playing consistently well for the Ravens and he won't have trouble finding holes in the Cinci defense.

Cleveland @ Buffalo:  The Bills played poorly last week, while the Browns played well (for them).  Still, with all the shakeups in the roster at Cleveland recently I don't think they're ready to win one yet.  Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson both have a chance at tearing through the Cleveland D-line.

Washington @ Carolina:  I think the Panthers finally pull out that win.  They're a better team with far more weapons at their disposal.

Pittsburgh @ Detroit:  Detroit hasn't been terrible, and with how poorly the Steeler defense played at the end of Sunday night's game, I could see Detroit's offense scoring a good amount.  But Polomalu should be back to close the gaps this week and the Pittsburgh offense is looking hot again, especially after finding their running game.

Dallas @ Kansas City:  Dallas didn't look great last week, which was a bit of a disappointment.  But really, they have to be able to find success against Kansas City.  Look for Tony Romo to return to form.

Oakland @ New York Giants:  The Giants are looking great.  Oakland wasn't good when they were healthy.

Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia:  This is another easy pick as Philly has been performing well, while Tampa really has not.

Minnesota @ St. Louis:  Brett Favre played incredibly well on Monday night.  But even if Sage Rosenfels was in, the Vikings would win this one.

Atlanta @ San Francisco: Both teams are looking pretty good this year and either outcome would be unsurprising.  However, I'm going with a well-rested Atlanta just coming off of a bye.

Houston @ Arizona:  Houston will have to wait to win a game yet again.  I expect the Cardinals to perform well, though they have been relatively inconsistent this year.

New England @ Denver:  I just don't believe that the Broncos are as good as their record would suggest.  The Patriots should provide them with their first loss.

Jacksonville @ Seattle:  At the start of the season I thought Seattle might have a chance to reclaim their division, but I'm definitely rethinking that.  On the other hand, the Jaguars don't look half bad, and David Garrard has been performing well on a pretty consistent basis.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee:  The Colts look great this year, and even their defense is stepping up.  Sadly, I don't think this will be much of a game.

New York Jets @ Miami:  Miami looked good last week while the Jets didn't, but I think the Jets have a better team and Mark Sanchez will be looking to redeem himself.  Maybe Braylon Edwards doesn't drop a pass?

The Funkiest

I got involved in a discussion this morning regarding which funk song should be recognized as the "funkiest."  A lot of people were pushing for something out of the Parliament/Funkadelic catalog, which is full of good contenders but to me is a little too rooted in rock & roll early on (not that that's a bad thing) and then becomes a little too spacey in the later years. Some good suggestions were thrown around: "What is Hip?" by Tower of Power, "Sex Machine" by James Brown (among many others), and "Jungle Boogie" by Kool & The Gang.  Then somebody reminded me of Earth Wind & Fire's "Serpentine Fire."  While I usually gravitate more towards the raw funk of the late 1960s and early 1970s, I couldn't help but agreeing that this was one of the most undeniably funky songs I had heard.  It was also one of the first funk songs that really captivated me as a kid.  From the rapid-fire brass to the super tight groove provided by Caribbean drums and a bouncy bass-line the song exudes those intangible "funk" qualities.  After looking through some of the other suggestions, I think a case could also be made for songs like Zapp and Roger's "More Bounce to the Ounce" and Stevie Wonder's "Superstition."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mean Doe Green

Raekwon just loosed an unreleased track from 1999 via Twitter titled "Mean Doe Green".  We see Rae trying to slowly transition out of that claustrophobic Wu sound of the Forever era, without abandoning it in full.  It's nothing mind blowing, but it'll have your head nodding.

Black Connection 3

 Camp Lo might be my favorite group to release only one great album.  They have other good material, but nothing as cohesive as Uptown Saturday Night.  Now the duo is back working with Skibeatz on Another Heist, supposedly due on October 20th.  A track called "Black Connection 3" leaked earlier this morning, giving a glimpse of what to expect, and it's got me excited.  From what it sounds like, fans are going to get another album of entirely Ski-produced Lo.  Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede are fully back on that suave blaxploitation tip.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bring The Goons Out

Sheek Louch (the lesser-known third of D-Block) and Grafh team up on a rare 2009 New York City banger.

I Got This

A brand new track from Young Jeezy's upcoming album Thug Motivation 103 leaked yesterday, creating a good amount of anticipation to 2008's heralded The Recession.  The beat for "I Got This" recycles one used by Killa Cam and blog readers are already arguing over who used it better.  Regardless of your feelings on the matter, this song bumps.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Z-Ro's new(ish) mixtape has hit the net officially.  I'm not one to frequently share an artist's entire product, but until the tape becomes available outside of Houston, I know that I and many others are wanting to hear it.  There is also still the potentiality that this is a free pre-Heroin mixtape.  Regardless of what's happening, fans have some new Ro to bump for a while.

Download Cocaine

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Over the past 24 hours, there have been some interesting developments with Z-Ro, and at this point it seems like there still isn't anyone who knows what's really going on.  A few Z-Ro tracks leaked yesterday, but I wasn't able to post them before having to run to classes.  In the meantime, rumors started swirling regarding their origin.  It was first said that the leaks were from an upcoming Ro mixtape called Cocaine, and then some started postulating that the audio was from the unreleased Cracc mixtape.  Then more rumors of Rap-A-Lot beef started, with some suggesting that this was going to be Z-Ro's own version of Heroin, avoiding label pressures.  At this point we're back to square one, but it looks like there is a mixtape called Cocaine being sold at some Houston stores right now.  Anyone in the H-Town know what's up?

In the meantime, here's is the rumored tracklist which looks reliable based on what's been released so far:

1) Chip On Shoulder
2) Bottom To The Top feat. Mike D
3) Denzel Washington
4) Haters Got Me Wrong feat. C. Ward & Gucci Mane
5) Raw
6) I Cant Leave Drank Alone feat. Lil' O
7) Rolling On Swangas feat. C. Ward
8) Dont Worry Bout Mine feat. Big Pokey
9) Fondren & Main feat. DJ Screw
10) We Dont Speed feat. Lil' Flip
11) Gangsta Girl feat. Billy Cook
12) Thank You feat. Lil' Flip
13) The Life feat. Lil' O
14) Southside feat. Lil' Flip
15) I Dont Give A Damn
1) Rest In Peace feat. Big HAWK
2) Thats The Type Of Nigga I Am
3) Stick of Dro feat. Trae
4) Drop The Top
5) Fire In My Eyes
6) Stay On My Grind
7) Respect Sumthin feat. Billy Cook
8) Dont Be Like Me
9) Let It Go
10) One Woman Man
11) Paying Dues feat. Big Moe
12) Top Notch feat. Staci Russel
14) Vince Young
15) Swang On 4's
16) Boss feat. Mya
17) Move Your Body
18) Woodgrain Grippin' feat. KB & Trae
19) Slow, Loud, & Bangin' (Live!)

Z-Ro--"Vince Young"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week 4 Update

The NFL season has been a little crazy so far.  Some teams have defied expectations and risen to present themselves as legitimate challengers, while others with high hopes have been struggling.  A few teams even seem to have already fizzled out.  But that's the kind of unpredictability that annually leads to some exciting stories in the league.  Here's a look ahead at this weekend's games as the first round of byes is underway.

Tampa Bay @ Washington:  It's hard to pick a winner here as both teams have been playing poorly, but I'll take the slightly more balanced Skins over a Bucs team riddled with holes.

Detroit @ Chicago:  This should be an easy win for the Bears as Jay Cutler has settled into the offense nicely.  At least the D won one, right?

Tennessee @ Jacksonville:  I think the Titans might pull this one out, but the safer bet is the Jags at home, with Garrard playing well and MJD on fire last weekend.

Oakland @ Houston:  The Texans win again and Steve Slaton finally has a good game.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland:  The Browns are terrible again, and Cinci looks to have a little bit of a spark.  They win easily.

Seattle @ Indianapolis:  This is a no-brainer, especially with how well the Colts offense has performed as of late.

New York Giants @ Kansas City: The Giants offense is another big surprise this year.  We'll see how long they can maintain it, but the Chiefs should give them no trouble at all.

Baltimore @ New England:  In an upset, the Ravens inch out the Pats, who have yet to "click" this season.

Buffalo @ Miami: The Bills don't look half bad this year, and the Dolphins won't even have Chad Pennington.

New York Jets @ New Orleans:  The Jets are good, but the Saints are better at this point.  Still, this might end up being a good game.

St. Louis @ San Francisco: The Niners have been the surprise of the year for me.  They shouldn't have trouble winning against another poor Rams team.

Dallas @ Denver:  The Denver D came out of nowhere, but the Boys are better than it.  In fact, the Cowboys are far underrated this year.

San Diego @ Pittsburgh:  Both of these teams have been way underperforming.  The Steelers come back from two bad losses on Sunday night.

Green Bay @ Minnesota:  This is the game of the week.  Green Bay comes away with the win in a close one, simply because they have more to prove.