Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week 5 Update

Last week I went 10-4 in predicting the outcome of the matches in week 4.  I think my heart expected Green Bay and Dallas to play better than they did, but getting almost 75% correct isn't bad.  Let's take a look at this week's matchups:

Cincinnati @ Baltimore:  The Bengals have been playing better than expected, but I still don't really trust them, especially after such a narrow win over the Browns.  On the other hand Joe Flacco has been playing consistently well for the Ravens and he won't have trouble finding holes in the Cinci defense.

Cleveland @ Buffalo:  The Bills played poorly last week, while the Browns played well (for them).  Still, with all the shakeups in the roster at Cleveland recently I don't think they're ready to win one yet.  Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson both have a chance at tearing through the Cleveland D-line.

Washington @ Carolina:  I think the Panthers finally pull out that win.  They're a better team with far more weapons at their disposal.

Pittsburgh @ Detroit:  Detroit hasn't been terrible, and with how poorly the Steeler defense played at the end of Sunday night's game, I could see Detroit's offense scoring a good amount.  But Polomalu should be back to close the gaps this week and the Pittsburgh offense is looking hot again, especially after finding their running game.

Dallas @ Kansas City:  Dallas didn't look great last week, which was a bit of a disappointment.  But really, they have to be able to find success against Kansas City.  Look for Tony Romo to return to form.

Oakland @ New York Giants:  The Giants are looking great.  Oakland wasn't good when they were healthy.

Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia:  This is another easy pick as Philly has been performing well, while Tampa really has not.

Minnesota @ St. Louis:  Brett Favre played incredibly well on Monday night.  But even if Sage Rosenfels was in, the Vikings would win this one.

Atlanta @ San Francisco: Both teams are looking pretty good this year and either outcome would be unsurprising.  However, I'm going with a well-rested Atlanta just coming off of a bye.

Houston @ Arizona:  Houston will have to wait to win a game yet again.  I expect the Cardinals to perform well, though they have been relatively inconsistent this year.

New England @ Denver:  I just don't believe that the Broncos are as good as their record would suggest.  The Patriots should provide them with their first loss.

Jacksonville @ Seattle:  At the start of the season I thought Seattle might have a chance to reclaim their division, but I'm definitely rethinking that.  On the other hand, the Jaguars don't look half bad, and David Garrard has been performing well on a pretty consistent basis.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee:  The Colts look great this year, and even their defense is stepping up.  Sadly, I don't think this will be much of a game.

New York Jets @ Miami:  Miami looked good last week while the Jets didn't, but I think the Jets have a better team and Mark Sanchez will be looking to redeem himself.  Maybe Braylon Edwards doesn't drop a pass?

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