Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week 4 Update

The NFL season has been a little crazy so far.  Some teams have defied expectations and risen to present themselves as legitimate challengers, while others with high hopes have been struggling.  A few teams even seem to have already fizzled out.  But that's the kind of unpredictability that annually leads to some exciting stories in the league.  Here's a look ahead at this weekend's games as the first round of byes is underway.

Tampa Bay @ Washington:  It's hard to pick a winner here as both teams have been playing poorly, but I'll take the slightly more balanced Skins over a Bucs team riddled with holes.

Detroit @ Chicago:  This should be an easy win for the Bears as Jay Cutler has settled into the offense nicely.  At least the D won one, right?

Tennessee @ Jacksonville:  I think the Titans might pull this one out, but the safer bet is the Jags at home, with Garrard playing well and MJD on fire last weekend.

Oakland @ Houston:  The Texans win again and Steve Slaton finally has a good game.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland:  The Browns are terrible again, and Cinci looks to have a little bit of a spark.  They win easily.

Seattle @ Indianapolis:  This is a no-brainer, especially with how well the Colts offense has performed as of late.

New York Giants @ Kansas City: The Giants offense is another big surprise this year.  We'll see how long they can maintain it, but the Chiefs should give them no trouble at all.

Baltimore @ New England:  In an upset, the Ravens inch out the Pats, who have yet to "click" this season.

Buffalo @ Miami: The Bills don't look half bad this year, and the Dolphins won't even have Chad Pennington.

New York Jets @ New Orleans:  The Jets are good, but the Saints are better at this point.  Still, this might end up being a good game.

St. Louis @ San Francisco: The Niners have been the surprise of the year for me.  They shouldn't have trouble winning against another poor Rams team.

Dallas @ Denver:  The Denver D came out of nowhere, but the Boys are better than it.  In fact, the Cowboys are far underrated this year.

San Diego @ Pittsburgh:  Both of these teams have been way underperforming.  The Steelers come back from two bad losses on Sunday night.

Green Bay @ Minnesota:  This is the game of the week.  Green Bay comes away with the win in a close one, simply because they have more to prove.

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