Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thug Passion

 Lil Boosie continues his long line of great mixtapes with the new Thug Passion.  As Lil Boosie heads off to serve a year-long prison sentence on weapons and drug charges, he's promised his fans a slew of new material, from mixtapes to videos, that he plans on dropping routinely while behind bars.  This is apparently the first offering and it's a good one, showing why Boosie made a name for himself on the mixtape circuit.  There are a few "soft" tracks but most of it is straight southern gangsta music, of which the final track is the real standout.  The only problem I have with this mixtape is the inordinate amount of DJ drops, and for some reason Boosie got two goddamn DJs to present the tape, essentially doubling the interruptions.  If a no-DJ version leaks I'll make sure to post it.

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