Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week 6 Update

Last week I went 9-5, which again isn't too great, but from what I've seen everybody else called the games pretty poorly too.  There were certainly some surprises: Cinci over Baltimore, and Denver over the Pats for example.  Atlanta was on fire last weekend, and we'll see if they can carry that over to Chicago.  They should be able to, considering the Bears have a far inferior defensive unit.  Here are the match-ups:

Houston @ Cincinnati: The Bengals are a confusing unit, but they've won their last four, and against some good teams too.  Houston has not been playing like a good team, even though I still believe they are.  Their coach simply isn't using the weapons at his disposal.

Detroit @ Green Bay:  Detroit is no longer a terrible team, and they have in fact been scoring quite well.  However, Aaron Rodgers has no problem picking apart their defense.

St. Louis @ Jacksonville:  The Jags are another confusing team.  After a blowout in Seattle, they should be able to come back and take on the Rams.

Baltimore @ Minnesota:  After losing to the Bengals, the Ravens don't look so good.  The Vikings should be able to win, though I still don't believe they are as good as some people are saying.

New York Giants @ New Orleans:  This is the game to watch this week.  Two really good undefeated teams will meet in what should be a fantastic showdown.  It'll be a close one, and either outcome is reasonable.  I pick the Saints based on how well they have played on defense this year.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh:  The browns are still an embarrassment.  The Steelers really have no choice but to win this game by a large margin.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay:  The Bucs are still struggling while the Panthers are coming off of a good win.  Carolina still needs to find better use of their offense, though.

Kansas City @ Washington:  The Redskins are extremely inconsistent, while Kansas City has been getting better.

Philadelphia @ Oakland:  Oh, Oakland.

Arizona @ Seattle:  The Seahawks looked good last week, but I'm not convinced they can keep it up.  Despite the naysayers, I still think Arizona is a good team.

Tennessee @ New England:  The Titans have been unable to get anything going this year.  It's a little disappointing.  The Patriots aren't great, but they're still very good.

Buffalo @ New York Jets:  The Jets get back to winning against a team with poor offerings on both sides of the ball.

Chicago @ Atlanta:  The Falcons played beautifully last weekend.  The Bears don't have enough on defense to make me think they can't have a repeat performance.

Denver @ San Diego:  San Diego has just not been performing well.  I wouldn't be surprised to see them make a comeback in this game, but I have to go with a Denver team that has been playing very well this season.

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