Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trap Tuesday

Welcome to the first consciously weekly column known as Trap Tuesday.  It'll be a look at a few songs representative of the best trap music to be released during the week.  Funny enough, not much was released this week that was of interest to me, so I'll be going back to some overlooked stuff from a couple weeks ago as well.

"Million Dollarz" by The RPZ is a song off their new mixtape that I still haven't found the time to listen to in full.  This track stood out to me, though, and if for some reason you're struggling to find a good song about money, this one is for you.  The slightly sped up sample is great by itself, but gets torn up (in a good way) once the 808 drums come in.

"Gangsta" is the last track on a new mixtape from St 2 Lettaz of G-Side.  Most of the mixtape was pretty underwhelming, but it finishes on a high note.  The whole vibe of the track is a little bugged out, but manages to stay menacing at the same time.  Something like Gucci meets Wu-Tang.  It sounds familiar, and the themes are nothing new, but when you get down to it I'm not sure you could find another song like it.

"Fix Ya Face" (No DJ) is the newest (but not exactly new) track from Yung Redd, featuring Lil Keke and Killa Kyleon.  Redd absolutely destroys his verse, leaving the others to clean up.

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