Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 7 Update

I'm a lot cooler with an 11-3 record in predicting last week's games,and I was one of the few who gave the win to the Cards.  I don't understand why people continue to underestimate them.  However, I think they lose this week, but only because they happen to be playing one of the best teams in the NFL currently.  How about the Eagles' loss to the Raiders?  I'm not sure anyone saw that coming, and it's still a little confusing to me.  Those are the kinds of breakdowns the Eagles are prone to from time to time, though.

Indianapolis @ St. Louis: I would not be surprised to see the Colts get back to the super bowl this year.  Almost everything is clicking for them, and even their running game is getting better.

New England Vs. Tampa Bay: The Bucs get embarrassed at Wembley Stadium.  Although is it embarrassing if everybody expects it?  I don't think this will be another blowout provided by the Patriots, but it probably won't be pretty.

Minnesota @ Pittsburgh:  This is a hard choice for me, partly because the Steelers are one of my teams.  But they haven't looked in top shape lately, even though some individuals have been playing exceptionally.  If their defense steps up in this game they might win it.

San Diego @ Kansas City:  San Diego is playing a little better, and this should be an easy win to help them regain some confidence.  Tomlinson also looked a lot better last week, and he should repeat his success this week.  In fact, he needs to for the offense to regain its power.

Green Bay @ Cleveland:  This is an easy win for a Green Bay team that continues to improve.

San Francisco @ Houston:  Houston played well last week, and we will see if they can continue to improve.  I have my doubts.  On the other hand, San Francisco is coming off a bye, and getting Frank Gore back into the lineup.

Buffalo @ Carolina:  The Panthers are getting their running game back and playing against a running defense that allowed over 200 yards to a single rusher last week.  Enough said.

New York Jets @ Oakland:  One of these days I'm going to stop picking the Jets.  I just can't see myself picking the Raiders over them, though.

Atlanta @ Dallas:  This is another hard one to pick, but I'm going to go with my 'Boys.  They're just coming off a bye and have a better all-around offensive attack so far this year.  This is really only because Michael Turner has been unable to fully get going.  They also probably don't want to lose another one at home.

New Orleans @ Miami:  The Saints really look like the real deal this year.

Chicago @ Cincinnati:  The Bears need to win this one, and luckily for them the Bengal defense is hurting.

Arizona @ New York Giants:  This could be a very good game but, barring last week, the Giants have shown themselves to be the superior team this year.

Philadelphia @ Washington:  The Eagles rebound from a shocking loss last week in this divisional matchup.

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