Saturday, October 3, 2009


Over the past 24 hours, there have been some interesting developments with Z-Ro, and at this point it seems like there still isn't anyone who knows what's really going on.  A few Z-Ro tracks leaked yesterday, but I wasn't able to post them before having to run to classes.  In the meantime, rumors started swirling regarding their origin.  It was first said that the leaks were from an upcoming Ro mixtape called Cocaine, and then some started postulating that the audio was from the unreleased Cracc mixtape.  Then more rumors of Rap-A-Lot beef started, with some suggesting that this was going to be Z-Ro's own version of Heroin, avoiding label pressures.  At this point we're back to square one, but it looks like there is a mixtape called Cocaine being sold at some Houston stores right now.  Anyone in the H-Town know what's up?

In the meantime, here's is the rumored tracklist which looks reliable based on what's been released so far:

1) Chip On Shoulder
2) Bottom To The Top feat. Mike D
3) Denzel Washington
4) Haters Got Me Wrong feat. C. Ward & Gucci Mane
5) Raw
6) I Cant Leave Drank Alone feat. Lil' O
7) Rolling On Swangas feat. C. Ward
8) Dont Worry Bout Mine feat. Big Pokey
9) Fondren & Main feat. DJ Screw
10) We Dont Speed feat. Lil' Flip
11) Gangsta Girl feat. Billy Cook
12) Thank You feat. Lil' Flip
13) The Life feat. Lil' O
14) Southside feat. Lil' Flip
15) I Dont Give A Damn
1) Rest In Peace feat. Big HAWK
2) Thats The Type Of Nigga I Am
3) Stick of Dro feat. Trae
4) Drop The Top
5) Fire In My Eyes
6) Stay On My Grind
7) Respect Sumthin feat. Billy Cook
8) Dont Be Like Me
9) Let It Go
10) One Woman Man
11) Paying Dues feat. Big Moe
12) Top Notch feat. Staci Russel
14) Vince Young
15) Swang On 4's
16) Boss feat. Mya
17) Move Your Body
18) Woodgrain Grippin' feat. KB & Trae
19) Slow, Loud, & Bangin' (Live!)

Z-Ro--"Vince Young"

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