Monday, November 16, 2009

Popular Demand

No, not the Black Milk album, but that's worth talking about too.  Below is the video for another of the Clipse's singles, "Popular Demand" featuring Cam'ron.  The song is good, but the video is the most underwhelming of the five or six they've released.  I think they're really struggling to maintain the buzz for their coming album which after many delays now has the same release date as Gucci Mane's.  You'd think their label would know better.  I guess them crackas at Columbia playin em too.

Are The Neptunes not playin fair either?  Both the "Popular Demand" and "Doorman" instrumentals have the same blaring trumpet.  It makes me wonder if Pusha and Malice are just getting leftovers.  I feel like I'm being too critical, so don't get me wrong, I love both songs and the videos aren't bad either.  I'd just like to see the boys from Virginia Beach get more respect.  On a side note, even though I stopped eating meat this video really has me wanting some fried chicken.  The Clipse better have gotten some Popeyes payola for that advertising.  Or at least some free chicken.

Separately, I apologize for the random bursts and subsequent downtime (notably weekends) in updating.  I've been busy with studying and/or partying, but I'll try to be more consistent.  Tomorrow Pill's 4075: The Refill drops, and I'll have that in the morning.  And then a mere week later Z-Ro's new album is set to release.  After Cocaine I'm fienin for more, and it'll probably be the first album I buy on the release date this year.

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