Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week 11 Update

Damn.  Last week wasn't so good.  I was 9-6 in predictions and the Cowboys team I was hyping made me look like an ass.  Almost all of my top fantasy stars underperformed as well, and for the first time I lost in all three of my leagues.  Luckily I'm still at the top of my division in two of them.  As for the Cowboys I'm not sure what happened.  I wasn't able to watch the game because I'm in the Seahawks market region and we were served up that boring contest instead.  It wasn't all bad, because I've got a little love left for my old Cardinals home team, but I'm perpetually pissed at Seattle for stealing coverage from good games.  And you better believe I can't afford that NFL fan package bullshit that Direct TV offers.  Anyway, the Cowboys just fell apart.  Maybe they had too much confidence going in, or maybe they are as inconsistent as some believe.  Week 11 marks the end of the bye-weeks, so all teams will be playing every week until the end of the season.

Miami @ Carolina:  With Ronnie Brown out, I'm concerned that the Dolphins' wildcat offense will be less effective.  D'Angelo Williams has been superb the last few weeks and as long as Jake Delhomme can keep the offense moving, I think the Panthers have a better chance of winning.

Pittsburgh @ Kansas City:  The Steelers couldn't get things moving in last week's contest with the Bengals.  Kansas City won't be able to give them anywhere near as rough a time, and Pittsburgh should bounce back.

San Francisco @ Green Bay:  I'm not sure about this game, but the Packers have a better team overall.  If they can stop Frank Gore early, they should win the game.

Cleveland @ Detroit:  Another week, another game with two terrible teams.  Detroit has shown more potential this year, however.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay:  While Tampa Bay appears to be getting better, New Orleans looks almost unstoppable.  Consider them a good Super Bowl contender.  However, if they lose a game in the next couple of weeks, it would be this one.  It's a divisional game, and that's just how these things go.

Atlanta @ New York Giants:  My confidence in Atlanta is waning, especially with Michael Turner likely out for this game.  The Giants have had a week to work out their problems, and they should look much better.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville:  Jacksonville is simply a better team, playing at home.

Washington @ Dallas:  I still have faith in the Cowboys, even though they will be facing a very tough passing defense.  If they stick to fundamentals in this game, they should do well.

Seattle @ Minnesota:  Seattle isn't good, the Vikings are very good.

Indianapolis @ Baltimore:  The Ravens haven't been playing as well lately, and the Colts will be hyped coming off of a barnburner win against the Patriots on sunday night.  That was an amazing 4th quarter.  I stopped watching halfway through the 3rd, but made it back for the last five minutes.  I hate Belichick, so it was nice to see him squirm.

Arizona @ St. Louis:  When will the Cardinals get recognition?  They may come out of nowhere again this year.

New York Jets @ New England:  The Jets are really slumping and the Patriots are good despite what happened last week.

Cincinnati @ Oakland:  Everybody should be officially convinced by now that the Bengals are back to at least their 2007 level of performance.  It will be interesting to see how far they go this year.

San Diego @ Denver:  The Chargers might be back on that latter half of the year explosion.  They've been looking good lately, and even LT is getting involved.

Philadelphia @ Chicago:  The Eagles get a chance to bounce back this week against a Bears team that has been underperforming on all sides of the ball.

Tennessee @ Houston:  Call me crazy, but the Titans are on a roll.  Plus, Houston's backfield is a huge mess right now.

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