Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week 10 Update

Last week my predictions went 11-2, which is nothing to be ashamed of.  As a Cowboys fan, last week was a good one.  People had been doubting whether they could hold up against a team that matched, if not exceeded their skill.  The game was messy, but they outshined the Eagles in a game that placed them at the top of their division.  Still some commentators are refusing to give them due props, claiming the game simply made both teams look sloppy rather than either of them good.  I disagree.  Simply looking at the Cowboys stat line shows a well-oiled offense, at least in the passing game.  Tony Romo had another 300 yards passing and got Roy Williams far more involved in the offense.  If not for the missed interference from Asante Samuels in the end zone, Williams would also have had a touchdown to his name.  November should prove smooth-sailing for this rising offense, but December looks to have some tough games including a couple high stakes divisional matchups.  Let's take a look at the games this week, starting with the season's first Thursday night game:

Chicago @ San Francisco:  The Niners need a comeback and are pretty evenly matched with the Bears.  This is a game they really want, and need to win to stay in the divisional race.  Look for a consistent connection between Alex Smith and Vernon Davis.

Detroit @ Minnesota:  Not much has to be said to justify this pick, but it will be interesting to see how Brett Favre performs coming off an injured groin.

Denver @ Washington:  Denver was beaten handily by the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night, but I have no reason to believe they can't revive their offense against the Redskins.

Atlanta @ Carolina:  The Falcons have shown that they still have a powerful offensive unit, even if their record isn't as good as some expected.  Michael Turner is really starting to break loose again, which is nice.  Like last week, Ryan will be mediocre and Turner will be on fire.

Tampa Bay @ Miami:  Last week was the first time I had gotten to watch the Dolphins this year, and they sure are an enjoyable team to watch.  This game will be full of the Wildcat formation, and they should easily be able to throw off the Tampa defense.

Jacksonville @ New York Jets:  The Jets should be rejuvenated after their bye week.  Look for Thomas Jones to have a big game.

New Orleans @ St. Louis: What a field day for the New Orleans offense.  And defense, for that matter.

Buffalo @ Tennessee:  I've been calling these Titans to the T lately.  They win again with Vince Young in charge, but most of their offense will still be on the ground.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh:  The Steelers have no desire to lose at home to their biggest rivals.  This should be a fun game.

Kansas City @ Oakland:  This is a pretty boring matchup.  Neither team is very good, but the Chiefs are bordering on decent.

Dallas @ Green Bay:  This game happens at least once every year, and it's hard a hard one for me because these are my two favorite teams.  A month ago I probably would have gone with the Packers, but they've lost two straight including one to the formerly winless Bucs.  On the other hand the Cowboys have won four straight and are only looking better.

Seattle @ Arizona:  Kurt Warner doesn't win much at home, but the Seahawks don't win much at all (oooh).  Seattle might not go down easily in this divisional matchup, but the Cardinals are the stronger team by far.

Philadelphia @ San Diego: This game will be a close one, but the Eagles were not impressive last week.  They will force Phillip Rivers to throw the ball, but with Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson performing so well, that's probably for the better anyway.

New England @ Indianapolis: This is the game of the week, and luckily it's one we all get a chance to see.  The Colts have squeezed out only narrow victories against lesser teams in the past couple of weeks, so I don't have faith in them heading into this weekend.  Furthermore, their defense has taken a number of hits, making things easier for Brady and Co.

Baltimore @ Cleveland:  Brady Quinn comes back as quarterback for the Browns, but it probably won't change anything.  Look for a strong connection between Flacco and Mason in the Ravens passing game.

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