Wednesday, September 9, 2009

About Time

The football season kicks off tomorrow, and with it the fantasy season.  I consider myself a bit of a football fanatic.  Though I'm sure I couldn't compete with some fans, I think I'm far enough gone to elicit some looks of disapproval.  I played fantasy football for the first time on last season, and with a keen eye for sleepers, ended up making it to my league's championship game (where I lost).  My draft wasn't that great, but I had some winning hunches (taking Aaron Rodgers after the 10th round, Desean Jackson, etc.), and I played the waiver wire every week, snatching up rising stars.  Really, a good knowledge of the free agents available was the key to my success in that league.

This year I'm participating in three leagues, and trying out different strategies.  For the first time, I'll be playing with people I semi-know in a league consisting of readers and contributors to The Smoking Section.  Out of all my leagues, I'd like to win this the most, because it includes some high quality bragging rights.  The draft was held earlier today and I fared pretty well.  I decided not to worry about any #1 players, but instead worry about drafting a unit that would be rock solid week in and week out.  I think I did pretty well in that regard, but I got the feeling that this will be another league where playing the waivers may put me over the top.  Only time will tell, but I'll probably continue to do irregular football-related updates in the future.

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