Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Antidote

Fashawn, a newcomer from Fresno, California had his album pushed back from a mid-August release to an October one.  As a sampler of what Fashawn has to offer, he has released The Antidote, an EP-like offering compiled and produced by The Alchemist (Exile covers all of the production on the actual album).  What is meant by "compiled" is clear when Fashawn raps over the entirety of Marvin Gaye's instrumental, "T Plays it Cool," from the blaxploitation soundtrack Trouble Man.  Luckily, Fashawn manages to rip the classic track apart.  A lot of the samples used here are very familiar, including a track that borrows from Roy Ayers' "We Live in Brooklyn, Baby."  This is no problem for me, given that I generally enjoy hearing different styles over similar backgrounds.  Fashawn himself is a good rapper, if nothing exceptional, and deserves your attention when Boy Meets World drops on October 20th.

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